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Around the web

Orisinal · Collection of beautiful and fun-to-play flash games
Mr. Wong's Soup'Partments · The tallest building on the internet · Random, anonymous submissions
The Geocities Gallery · Archive of old GeoCities sites sorted by neighborhood
GUIdebook Gallery · Gallery of GUIs, advertisements, videos, articles, and more
Logopedia · Information about all kinds of logos and their histories.
TVARK · Archive of TV idents and presentation
BLM Carrd · Ways to help the Black Lives Matter movement
Freerice · Answer questions to help donate to charity
the originz of dollz · How Dollz came to be
LaunchBox Games Database · A project that aims to catalog every video game with metadata and cover art.
Radio Garden · Listen to thousands of radio stations all over the globe.
Web Design Museum · A really cool site where you can see all sorts of web design from the past!
AOL Search Database · Look at searches from the 2006 AOL search data leak
The Adventures of Eggplant · A weird true story about a Japanese game show contestant
The Final Fantasy House · Another weird true story/Internet rabbit hole
Your Ghost Stories · Paranormal encounters and stories
WinWorld · Abandonware and other software downloads
windows95 · Windows 95 as an app for modern versions of Windows and macOS

Website resources

Pixel art on Tumblr: 1 2 3 4 5
Kao-Ani GIFs: 1 2
yuichan1306 · Emoticons and other cute small pixels
phynxke_graphique · An archive of Cyworld pixels on Photobucket.
Peachie's Collection · Lots of cute pixels!
Jansgraphics · This website has stamps, blinkies, and more.
I Love Blinkies · A HUGE collection of blinkies.
Glitter Graphics · This is a great website that has glitter gifs, blinkies, clip art, and more. One of my absolute favorite sites!
MusMus · Free background music (in Japanese, I recommend using the translate function on Google Chrome and check the terms!)
Icon Generators · Make your own avatar to use as a profile picture
fairyhwi · A collection of Korean fonts free to download (English and Korean compatible)
Pixl Purrfct · Chrome extension that makes all of the images on a page load with pixelated rendering so that pixel art and other low-res graphics look more accurate.