My favorite places on Google Earth

I've always liked to use the Street View function on Google Earth to explore different parts of the world. It's a great pastime when you have an empty moment. Clicking through streets thousands of miles away, maybe while listening to music or watching TV, can quell boredom and sometimes even have a relaxing, theraputic effect. It's kind of like a mini-vacation! Sometimes during my virtual travels, a place will stand out to me. Here are some of these places.

There is so much beauty in our world, and so much that we ignore because it's hidden in plain sight. Just look around you. In your house, around your neighborhood, all throughout the town or city you live in, there is beauty everywhere. I think it's important to remember this, because sometimes when the world seems ugly, all you have to do is look around and see that it isn't. So click on some links and take some looks around and see the beauty hiding in plain sight all over our world.

☀ Kvast-johannas väg in Örebro, Sweden
This is a really cute neighborhood with a lot of Swedish charm. There's farm-style houses, old Volvos parked in the driveways, and an overall European feel. It's the first place I ever found on Street View and remembered/came back to later, so it holds a kind of sentimental value for me. The street I linked to (Kvast-johannas) is my favorite, but the surrounding streets are also very nice. (You can see the road layout by zooming out to the map view.)

Take me there!

☀ Streé, Modave, Liège, Belgium and Abée, Tinlot, Liège, Belgium
Two towns with nice countryside scenery and old architecture. Also notice those interesting modern Belgian style houses! I love how they look. These towns (together) are the second places I noticed on Google Earth. They are special to me personally because they remind me of where I'm from (in the US). It's a small world!

Streé (1): Take me there!
Streé (2): Take me there!
Abeé: Take me there!

☀ Rue de Spolame in Rochefort, Wallonia, Belgium:
A bright and sunny street lined with cute houses and lots of greenery.

Take me there!

☀ Marjaämaa, Rapla County, Estonia:
A sunny, relaxed-looking neigborhood. Honestly, this whole area is really pretty! It's kind of overgrown/unkempt-looking, which I really like! As you could probably tell already, I love rural areas with lots of greenery and this is a good example.

Muru: Take me there!
Lauluväljaku: Take me there!
Pärna: Take me there!

☀ Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands:
The archetecture here is so interesting and varied! But the really interesting part is the street names: Beatlesstraat, Queenstraat, Pink Floydstraat, Rolling Stonesstraat, Coldplaystraat, and even Edith Piafstraat! (Take a look at the map to see all of these streets and more)

Deep Purplestraat: Take me there!
Coldplaystraat: Take me there!

☀ Coldstream, Scotland and Cornhill-on-Tweed, England:
These are two very pretty villages with a very pretty road (the A698, first link) connecting them.

A698: Take me there!
Cornhill-on-Tweed: Take me there!
Coldstream: Take me there!

☀ Ardtrea, Northern Ireland:
A very pretty (sunny and green) country drive.

Take me there!

☀ Wada, Chiba Prefecture, Japan:
A cute little area with some beautiful houses and lots of nature. The last link is a pretty road near the same area.

Wada (1) Take me there!
Wada (2) Take me there!
Wada (3) Take me there!
Road: Take me there!

☀ Gardens by the Bay, Singapore:
This is a really cool park in Singapore with lots of plants and interesting structures! You can go inside some of the buildings and look around the gardens.

Take me there!

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