Relaxing/calming things


Instrumental/New Age

Isotonic Sound: Water · A nice beach/ocean-themed new age album.

Rachel's Song · An instrumental album by Gary Prim.

Nature's Harmony: Dreams of Angels · Another new age/instrumental album.

Slow Piano Background Music · Relaxing, ambient piano music.


Studio Ghibli Harp Collection · Music from Studio Ghibli movies on the harp! (Apple Music and Amazon Music)

Video Game

Yoonchi's Relaxing Music · Relaxing video game music.

Missing You · A relaxing BGM track from the MapleStory online game. Other relaxing MapleStory songs: Temple of Time, Queen's Garden, Memory Lane

Wii Weather Channel Music · Background track from the now defunct Weather Channel on the Wii.

Snooze · A relaxing playlist of extended video game tracks.


Inspira, Voiced Out, and MissMilkytea · These channels are full of beautiful music (mostly indie songs from Japan and Korea).

Sweet · A playlist with some Japanese and Korean indie tracks.


Rainy Mood · Plays rainstorm sounds to add a quiet ambience to anything you're doing. Especially good for studying or sleeping.

Coffitivity · Listen to the background noise of different types of cafés.

Calmsound · Choose from various ambient nature sounds.

Rainy Cafe · Features both rain and café sounds.

Listen to Wikipedia · This website creates tranquil ambient sounds from a feed of Wikipedia activity.

White Noise · Choose from many different kinds of white noise on this YouTube channel.

dreamy sound · Another white noise channel with themed videos.

Ocean Waves · A one hour long YouTube video of ocean wave sounds with visuals to match.

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