Relaxing/calming things


TV, Movies, etc.

Precious Puppies (2003) · An adorable documentary about puppies. Disclaimer: Includes a birthing scene.

Too Cute! Kittens and Puppies · This documentary series focuses on baby animals. It's adorable and spans six seasons if you want more!


Japan Videowalks · Experience virtual strolls through different places in Japan. There's no talking or music, so it's really nice to just sit and listen to the ambient noises and enjoy the scenery. My personal favorites are this one and this one.

Peaceful Cuisine · These cooking videos are interesting and relaxing to watch.

honeykki · Similar to the above, but with a different aesthetic.

Cooking with Dog · Another cooking channel! This one is more playful and less minimalistic.

Nail Career Education · You don't have to be an aspiring nail tech to enjoy these videos. Watching the creation of beautiful nail art has a theraputic quality, and it's informational too!

yanghaiying · Yang Haiying's videos of herself painting, doing Chinese calligraphy, and cooking are suprisingly soothing and interesting to watch.

Ambient Renders and Universe · These are the BEST videos to watch while you go to sleep.

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