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Tumblr is a great place to find pixels, usually salvaged from websites like Cyworld (which is where my favorite pixels come from). If you have a Tumblr account, searching "pixels" (or similar) will lead you to a lot of useful blogs. If not, here are some of my favorites:

Pixelian + Pixelian's Cyworld tag
Pixels Galore
Pixels Galore
Pixel Dreams
Pixel Diary
Pixel World

Here are some more links for pixels:
Bonnibel's Graphic Collection
Kao-Ani GIFs
More Kao-Ani GIFs
Pixels from Cyworld on Photobucket
Peachie's Collection

There are also a lot of nice (usually Japanese) websites with things like graphics and layouts to use for site building. Make sure to check the terms of use.

Here are some links to pixel artists that I like. They also have links to other sites with graphics (including Japanese sites) as well. Remember to check their terms!

Other Links
MusMus · Free background music (in Japanese, I recommend using the translate function on Google Chrome and check the terms!)
Icon Generators · Make your own avatar to use as a profile picture
Style Dollz · The cutest doll makers!
Glitter Graphics · This is a great website that has glitter gifs, blinkies, clip art, and more.
Jansgraphics · This website has stamps, blinkies, and more.
I Love Blinkies · A HUGE collection of blinkies.

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